Don’t miss tutoring!

Become a tutor or get some extra help for extra credits!



Meet with a tutor or tutor someone face-to-face or virtually (facetime/zoom/skype/etc) and receive extra credit. Meet for 30 minutes and receive 3 points. Keep a log and turn it in at the end of the semester. Take a picture of your log and email it to Madame Easter before semester grade deadline!

This is what your log should look like:

1) You name    2) The name of the person who is tutoring you or the name of the person you are tutoring     

3) Date:_______________                             4) Time:  (Time started the lesson- time finished the lesson - minimum of 30 minutes for credit)                                            5) What you studied/worked on                                     6) Parents' signature


Ask your teacher if you have questions.


A tutoring session is 30 minutes long and 3 points extra credits!