Trip to France


Trip to France 2020- CANCELED



Thank you for your interest in joining our group on a life-changing opportunity to experience the sights, history, people and culture of France!   


If you are ready to get started, below is the link to take you to the Language & Friendship Register/Login page, where you will create an account and then begin filling out your application.  


   Save $150 off final balance!  Enroll by 4/1/2019

   Save $100 off final balance!  Enroll by 6/8/2019

   Final Deadline:  Enroll by 9/30/2019




   Create your account - Registration Link: 

   Log into your online account. 

   Click the JOIN A GROUP link. 

   Enter Group ID:  AG14649  


PART 1: 

Complete all sections of the Traveler Application. Instructions are in your Program Enrollment Booklet (see attached). If the attachment doesn't open for you, be sure to ask your teacher for a Program Enrollment Booklet.  


If you need more time, you may click the Save/Continue button at the bottom of the form to come back to it later. Your family-stay questionnaire, photos and letter are important parts of your application. Letter-writing Guidelines are on page 7 in your Program Enrollment Booklet.  


Click "Submit" when all sections of the form are complete. Be sure to allow time for your teacher to review your application. (You will not be able to submit your application until your family-stay items are completed!)  


Your teacher will review your submitted information and either approve it or ask for clarifications/modifications.  


When approved, you will receive notification that you are ready for Part 2.  


PART 2: 

• Finalize your application, agreements and signatures online with your parents 

• Make your initial payment online  


When Part 2 is complete, L&F will be notified and your application will be processed. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgement and any follow-up questions that might be needed.  



• Once your application is approved, you will be able to view your group's Program Enrollment Booklet online. Any updates or modifications to the program will also be posted online.   


• If you experience any issues that prevent you from completing the application, your feedback is appreciated. Just click the ASK A QUESTION link when logged into your account to notify L&F or send an email to the address below: 

Please include the operating system you are using, the browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and version of browser.  




A wonderful adventure ahead!



Parents Meeting:

Monday, March 4th  in Madame Easter's classroom (Rm 1033) at 5 pm.


Language and friendship (Introduction)

Itinerary and price

Travel/Medical Insurance 

Travel Safety

Payment policy and schedule

Cancellation Policy/fees

Instructions for Enrollement


Fund raising, etc.


MEETINGS SCHEDULE (dates and time: coming up)



Let's get ready!

1) Meetings schedule

2) Fund raising

3) Payments reminder

4) Passports

5) Host families form


Check out those websites and learn more about the cities you are about to discover.